Universal Technology Company Limited (Unitech Co., Ltd) is a company major in providing machinery, technology transfer and technical support consultancy in the field of machining. Our customer not only can procure those products that exactly meet their needs but also be advised to select appropriate solutions to optimum machining processes by professional and experienced technicians. Our product range includes:

Conventional and modern machinery: lathes, milling machines, shaping machines, machining centers, laser cutting machine, hydraulic shearing & press brake machines, punching machines, hydraulic press machines, flanging machine, EDM machine, drilling machines, sawing machines, etc with manually, electrically, NC or CNC controlled.

Welding and cutting machines: MMA, MIG/MAG and TIG welding machines, spot welding machines, resistance welding machines; stud welding machines, ultrasonic plastic welding machines, ultrasonic metal welding machines; automatic gas cutting machines, plasma cutting machines; electrical discharge machines, waterjet cutting systems, laser cutting systems,...

Measuring and non-destruction test (NDT) equipments.

Painting equipments, sand blaster, abrasive spraying for cleaning, metalising spray equipment,...

Air compressors, generators and welding generators.

These products are produced by well-known producers of industrially-developed countries such as Mazak, Panasonic, Kito (Japan); Hypertherm, Bormaster, Qualitest (USA); CEA, GBC, AEC, MGS, Gilardoni (Italia); Messer, Koko (German); Ermaksan, Sahinler (Turkey); Unibor, Globe heat (United Kingdom); Cosen, Manford, Fintek (Taiwan); A-Tech Handok, Yukang, Tecpos (Korea); Weida, FinCN, Runmaster, Huatec, Mitech (China),...

In addition to providing and helping customers to select appropriate products, we conduct a dedicate and professional customer service network which covers sale services, start-up, after-sale services and maintenance.

Our guideline is to fully satisfy our customers' needs by good quality, very fair prices and professional services.


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